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Too Dark to Sleep

What if you lost everything that made life worth living? How would you be able to face each empty day?   Would you simply give up or would you find a new purpose?
Maggie Quinn answers these questions every day. Quinn clings to the few things left in life that give her peace. Raised by a father who was a "troubleshooter" for the Outfit, she has an ironically solid foundation as a Violent Crimes detective for the Chicago Police. With the highest solve rate in the city, she’s also the best person to unravel a string of strangulations. However, nothing prepares Maggie Quinn for the death of her only child and the darkness that follows. As everything she values is brutally stripped away, Quinn is left with nothing but the dark… and the desperate need to catch the one person she is sure committed the gruesome murders. But did he really do it? Or is Quinn’s own tormented mind pushing her to ruin the life of an innocent man?
Brayer Publishing LLC is pleased to launch with Dianne Gallagher's dark psychological thriller.


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